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Asphalt Services 

Asphalt pavement will not last forever. As soon as the hot asphalt mix begins to cool, begins the aging process which will eventually deteriorate the asphalt to gravel if left unmaintained. The life of an asphalt pavement varies and depends upon several factors, heat, sunlight, water, open pavement (cracks or potholes). A thicker lift of pavement will keep its life longer than a thin one.

Asphalt requires yearly checkups. Preventive maintenance is necessary in order to get the longest life out of your pavement. Decisions on repairs and maintenance generally involve many variables including budget. When determining the best plan for any pavement we need to ask questions like: Can the pavement be seal coated? Can it be patched, crack filled? Does it need an overlay or total reconstruction starting from the base?


Asphalt overlays are a method for extending the life of pavement that are still in serviceable shape generally consisting of 2”- 4” depth of new asphalt paving placed over the top of existing asphalt paving. Asphalt overlays are a popular approach to pavement preservation because of their cost, maintains surface geometrics, reduce noise levels, reduce life-cycle costs.

New Paving 

Existing asphalt is completely removed down to base materials. The sub grade and base materials are inspected graded where needed and compacted and new asphalt generally 3” -6” depth is laid down rolled and compacted.

Whatever the situation, we will be able to assist and provide you with good advice and honest information. We typically start with a site visit and meeting with you to determine your needs and then give you a FREE proposal and estimate.

Milled Asphalt
Fresh asphalt overlay
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